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The Making of a Musket

by Deadwoodcomics
I use the 3d application blender for making my 3d assets for the comic. I've used other applications in the past, but blender works excellent and it's free to use. When I was in college learning 3d multimedia, I used Autodesk Maya, Marmoset Toolbag, Substance Designer, and Z Brush. Blender can do the work of all these applications.

I recently used blender to make a short musket for the halfling in my story to use. The musket I had was too long for them to use plausibility and was designed to be used by elves and humans. However, halflings play an essential role in my story, so they needed their guns.

1. I started by adding a basic cube mesh to my scene. I added extra edges to the cube and then moved the edges around to create a stock looking mesh from the base cube.

2. Once I had the stock made, I made a simple cylinder to use as the barrel of the musket. I always start with the mesh objects looking somewhat blocky because it's easier to manipulate the geometry of the objects this way. I can always add extra geometry later using some unique features of blender.

3. The butt of the musket is a separate object. I used a cube and greatly altered its geometry to create the shape I wanted. Most of 3d modeling is done by tweaking little things here and there till you get what you want. There is also a lot of problem-solving involved.

4. The firing mechanism for the musket was the most challenging part of this model. A lot of little pieces all having to fit together correctly for it to work. At this point, the modeling is done.

5. Once the modeling is done, I added some shader materials to the mesh to create a finished look.

6. The last step is to pose the finished model with a halfling character to check and see if the scale is correct.


Aydon Map 2.0

by Deadwoodcomics
I've remade and resized the map of Aydon because It was too small for anyone to see the details. I made the map using Inkarnate: the online map-making software, and I'm delighted with it. I'll use Inkarnate and photoshop to make other maps in the future as the story progresses. Below is an image of the remade map, but you can see the full-sized version here